Fatherheart A-school in Sign Language

2nd – 7th of June – teaching language: International Signing in Norway, Ål.

The purpose of the Fatherheart School:
– To give the strongest Biblical understanding possible of the place of the Father in the Christian life and walk.
– To give you an opportunity to have a major personal experience of the love that God the Father has for you.

Costs: €50 (500nkr)

Includes food, overnight and transport in Norway:
– Tuesday June 2, 14:30 leave from Oslo airport
– Sunday June 7, 16:00 arrival at Oslo airport

For any questions you can contact Matthijs Terpstra at matthijs.terpstra@dminorge.no.

I/We want to use bus service on Tuesday June 2. The bus leaves 14:30 from the Oslo Airport.*

I/We want to use bus service on Sunday June 7. The bus arrives 16:00 at the Oslo Airport.*

I am going to pay in:
Cash - NOK 500 per personBank - €50 per person, payment information will be sent in the e-mail

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DMI Norway is a Norwegian foundation affiliated to Deaf Ministries International (DMI).

DMI is an international Christian Ministry Network among the Deaf.

We aim to improve the living conditions for deaf in all parts of the world and to help strengthen Christian ministry among deaf in Norway.

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