What Is DMI?

About Deaf Ministries International (DMI)

Deaf Ministries International was established in South Korea in 1979 by Norwegian-Australian couple Lill and Neville Muir. In the 34 years that followed the mission spread to several countries in Asia and Africa and now includes more than 120 deaf churches and four deaf schools: two in the Philippines, one in Myanmar and one in Kenya.  Furthermore, there are five educational centres which offer various courses and education opportunities at secondary level and some at college level. Among these are Bible schools and teacher training programs.  DMI also operates many vocational and skills training programs, employment projects and self-support projects. The work is growing steadily.

DMI has a support program for more than 500 deaf children and young people, and approx 175 workers consisting of deaf teachers, pastors who are themselves deaf, missionaries and others. In addition, there are also many volunteers involved in the work. At the beginning of 2013, we have operations in 19 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East as well as in Australia and Norway.

Deaf Ministries International is a Christian organization working with and for deaf. After years of service in Japan, Lill and Neville moved to South Korea where they commenced a small church for deaf in the coastal city of Inchon not far from Seoul. Together with 4 young deaf people the first Immanuel Church for the deaf was begun in the basement of the East Inchon Methodist Church. Over the next few years a further 13 churches were formed in South Korea, all of which today are served by deaf pastors.

As time passed the mission spread from Korea to the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi where churches, schools, small factories, clinics (hearing aids etc.), farm projects, dormitories and Christian centres have been established to bring the message of Christ and aid to deaf. DMI Thailand is also involved in the production of videos and teaching aids for deaf.

Deaf Ministries International became an independent mission to the deaf in 2000, and operates as a foundation in Australia, USA and Norway. Most of the churches formed under DMI’s administration are called Immanuel Churches for the Deaf.

DMI is an evangelical mission organization and identifies with the Lausanne Covenant.

From the very beginning, co-workers and supporters in Norway have been an important part of the mission.