DMI Norway (International Deaf Mission) is a Norwegian foundation that relate to Deaf Ministries International. DMI Norway works to improve deaf people’s living conditions in all parts of the world and helps to strengthen the Christian work among deaf people in Norway. DMI Norway operates collection of money in Norway to support the workers in the various fields, the operation of schools and initiating income-generating projects in the countries where we work. Together with the international office in Australia operates DMI Norway monitoring DMI worked in other countries .

DMI Norway has helped to start two sign language based house group community for deaf people in Norway and to establish deaf interpreting deals at services and Christian events in the Oslo area.

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Contact information
Gunnar Dehli
Tlf./SMS: +47 900 30 181

DMI Norway (Internasjonal Døvemisjon)
Pb. 3618 Bislett
0136 Oslo

Office Address:
Linstowsgate 3
0166 Oslo

DnB Account Number: 78770835983
Organization Number: 884 690 242