Conference 2020

DMI International Conference

The eighth International DMI conference takes place in 2020. For the first time it will be held in Kenya. You can go to the conference website here:

Past conferences:

2017 12-16 June
The seventh DMI conference in Stavern, Norway.

2014 7.-11. October
The sixth DMI conference in Seoul, South Korea.

2011 12.-16. October
The fifth DMI conference in Stanwell Tops, NSW, (about half an hour south of Sydney), Australia.

2008 1.-5. October
The fourth DMI conference in Alexandria, Egypt.

2005 2.-5. August
The third DMI conference in Mukono, Uganda.

2002 July 29 – August 3
The second DMI conference in Chiangmai, Thailand.

The first DMI conference in Davao, Philippines.