Would you like to support the work of DMI among deaf people in developing countries? You can contribute in different ways.

We need intercessors! We believe in the power of prayer. If you are a person who prays, we would appreciate if you include the work of DMI in your prayers and encourage others to do the same. We are grateful for all the prayer groups around the country who regularly pray for our ministry.

We also greatly appreciate help for specific tasks. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute with a specific skill or knowledge, or any field that you have experience in. Practical tasks can take place in Norway or you can travel to any of our fields and help out for a short or long period.

DMI aims to make people aware of the situation for many deaf in developing countries. Many are oppressed; they are excluded from their communities and not given the opportunity to develop themselves. They do not receive an education, or learn about God. You can help us by sharing information about our work with friends and associates.

We are also in great need of people who want to support our ministry by donating money. For more information go to: Give A Gift.

Ditt tittel kommer her

Yes, I will give a gift every month


An important way to support our work is to donate money. Our aim is to reach more deaf in the countries where we operate and your donation will help us pay our evangelists, pastors and others who bring the message of Christ to the deaf. Money is also needed for operation of our schools, food and accommodation for students, salaries for teachers and other staff at the schools and school transport for students. We also hope to help deaf in our fields start income-generating projects, so that they may eventually fund the work locally themselves.

To make a donation is simple: Give A Gift.

Working for DMI

DMI is looking for people with expertise in different areas who are motivated to work with deaf children, young people or adults. You can help by doing specific tasks based on your skills and experience. We need people who can help with practical tasks in Norway and people who would be able to travel to one of our fields for shorter or longer periods.

If this sounds interesting, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are unsure about how you can contribute, but would like to get involved with DMI’s work, please get in touch so that we can discuss it further with you.

Spreading knowledge

It is very important for DMI to spread knowledge and information about the situation for deaf in developing countries. In most cases deaf children’s opportunities for development and to receive an education are very limited. It is quite common that parents of a deaf child do not make education for this child a priority, while they pay tuition for their hearing children. DMI supports many deaf children in these circumstances and give them the opportunity to receive an education.

Furthermore, there are many deaf adults who cannot find work because they do not have an education, because of communication problems with the hearing community, people’s negative attitudes towards deaf and lack of knowledge about the deaf and sign language.

Please help us spread information about our work among your friends and associates. You can provide them with links to DMI Norway’s website and Facebook page. Please contact us for written material. You can invite people to information-meetings or start a support group. We are more than happy to come and visit support groups and give a presentation about our ministry in developing countries. Please contact us by email post@en.dminorge.no or use our contact form.