philippines-mapIn the Philippines called DMI work for Deaf Action Philippines. Deaf Action is active at four locations in the Philippines Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Ligao and the Visayas islands. In Davao (south-east) operates DMI a church and a school. Also in Ligao we run school and several churches. On Visayas islands we have more churches and educational opportunities for deaf pastors.
We have several projects in the Visayas. Economic independence is one of our focus areas. Today, Deaf Action Philippines 12 projects.

It is now state special education in the Philippines, but our schools were built in places and in communities where there was no such thing as Restaurant 30 years ago. We operates four student homes at various locations, and two schools that provide offers from kindergarten to high school.

Help-to-self-help projects and microfinance schemes provide support for school operations and income for individuals.

Davao: 1
Ligao: 5
Visayas: 10

Average number of worship per month:
Davao: 4
Ligao: 4
Visayas: 3

The average number of members per service:
Davao: 100
Ligao: 20
Visayas: 25

Workers (volunteer and paid)
Davao skole: 14
Visayas: 24
Ligao: 17

Davao: 1
Ligao: 1
Visayas: 0

Ligao: 9

Pupils / students:
Davao: 90
Ligao: 65
Visayas: 0


Contact information
J. Asuela
9, 7TH Avenue Bangkal
Davao City

Cagayan de Oro
Jr. Asuela

Ligao School
B. Medes
P-7 Batang
Ligao City

Ligao Church
A. Benitez

A. Mercado

2nd Floor, La Purisma Concepcion Bldg
Corner Cuadra/Locsin Streets
Bacolod City
Negros Oriental 6100

Projects in Each District
Microfinance system for deaf Ligao area started in 2012 by a group of people from Australia donated $ 1,000 as an initial capital for the project. To begin with there were eleven (11) recipients who availed themselves of microfinance loan option. Later it grew to thirty (32) deaf now with this project.
Every three (3) month has the collections of so-called livelihood training for beneficiaries of microfinance loans. All borrowers are deaf and graduated from our school in Ligao. They are members of DMI churches in Bicol. We teach them simple accounting, and has operations in crafting doormats, slippers and bracelets, plus cooking, hair styling, manicure and pedicure etc.

Microfinance (microfinance loans for the deaf recipients to the establishment of small businesses and to make a living)
2012 November –
32 participants

Livelihood trainings (trainer deaf entrepreneurial skills and to acquire livelihood)
2012 –
50 deltakerne

While microfinance system was established, they started a vocational project (employment / employment in various businesses) for the deaf who would start their own company. Several people have been helped to get steady work.

Employment measures for deaf (Employment)
2012 –
25 participants

massage saloon
2012 –
30 participants

Special Projects (income generating projects, business and marketing)
2005 May-
13 participants

Scholarship Schemes (supports qualified deaf students studying in college or take shorter courses / vocational courses)
2015 June-
2 participants