It is not long ago DMI started work in Malawi. It happened in 2015. The business here called Deaf Action Malawi (DAM). We attach much importance to make people familiar with the Gods word, especially to equip and train the deaf to be pastors and evangelists in DAM churches in Malawi. We conduct Bible studies in deaf churches that deaf people can get a basic understanding of the biblical message.
DAM coach many deaf in different areas: in sign language (many have never attended school or learned sign language in Malawi), in carpentry, in local building trades, in sewing. It also operates some computer training. The aim is to help the deaf to most independence.


Average number of services and meetings per month:
2 – 3

The average number of members per service:

Workers (volunteer and paid)




DMI Sign Language Awareness (Many deaf people in Malawi have not gone to school. Through an awareness-programs on sign language teaching illiterate deaf Malawian sign language.)
2015 (average participation in courses):
3 participants

DMI Entrepreneurship (In “Tihi project” We want to learn many deaf business operations and about microfinance scheme ours, so they can seek loans and start their own simple business.)
2016 –
10 participants

DMI Sign Language Awareness (mobilization of the deaf, evangelism, Bible training for the deaf, sustainable project.)
2016 –

DEAF ACTION MALAWI, is located in the southern region of Malawi, but we are working in several places in Malawi and northern Mozambique. Our headquarters are in Chigumula at Blantyre, currently in the home of Pastor Elton Mukaranga.

Contact information
Elton Mukaranga
+265 999 280 205

Deaf Action Malawi(DAM)
P.O.BOX 87