Spreading awareness

You can spread information about our work. Few people know anything about the situation of deaf people in the Third World. DMI Norway wants to give people in this country insights into Deaf situation in Africa and Asia and make more familiar with what DMI does among the deaf.


You can invite us to come and tell about our work in some situations where you are with. We have lectures, view photos and video clips and distribute materials. We often visit both churches, associations, businesses, schools and institutions. The presentations can be carried out either in Norwegian, English or sign language.

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Please send our links to people you know. Links to DMI Norway’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel can be found here. You can download any of the DMI presentation files below and spread information in your own contexts. When it comes news from DMI, you can forward them to others. You can also order paper from us.

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You can help to raise awareness of DMI by taking part in some of our activities and events. We mention: DMI Norway is involved in home groups / Bible studies in sign language both in Oslo and Oslo. We organize weekend gatherings with Bible lessons in sign language. We hold presentations of the work of different places. 12 to 16 June 2017 we organize international conference in Stavern.

Files coming soon